Volunteer to Anti-Slavery Campaigns & Help Fight for Equality

Anti-Slavery Campaigns

We are all born equal on this planet and we will all leave it in the same fashion, as dust. So there should never be any profound reason to disparage someone else. However, as disheartening as it is, we must face the harsh reality where many people are abused for the benefit of crime organisations.Still, we should never falter. Instead, this should serve as a more compelling reason to intensify our humanitarian efforts and fight for equality.

Get involved in anti-trafficking and anti-slavery campaigns and do your share to bring balance and equality to our world.You may think that your sole efforts will never amount to anything significant, so why bother?If we all think this way, our world will have nowhere to go. Who then will stand up to these crimes against humanity?

We must unite so that our every single effort will be multiplied millions of times and togetherwe can create a resonating voice that can help thwart any criminal activity from getting blown up into epic proportions.So go out, extend your help, and start by volunteering.

Seek Out Anti-Slavery or Anti-Trafficking Organisations

You can start by registering to organisations in your local area that aim to end slavery or human trafficking or through the internet, and voice out your desire to participate. There are many Australian organisations that aim to help end slavery. Some of these organisations who are in need of volunteers are Anti-Slavery Australia, End Slavery Now, and World Vision.

Offer Your Services For Free

There are many things you can do to contribute to your group’s efforts against slavery. You can start by offering your services for free. For example if you are a lawyer or a medical professional, you can offer your services to victims free of charge.

You can also volunteer to initiate a fund-raising activity for the victims, especially if you have prior experience in organising one. Other services that may be needed in this important endeavourmay include: English language training and other education services for the victims, engaging a community to actively participate, permanent or temporary housing for victims, social work services, and services from migration agents.

Bring Foods to the Victims

You can also bring foods or help cook foods for the victims. This can be a commitment that you will do regularly, or you may participate in one big feeding project for slavery victims.

Educate Yourself on Various Humanitarian Efforts

It is important that you must also be knowledgeable of the warning signs of possible slavery victims. Most of these victims are forced to remain tight-lipped about their bleak situations because of some forms of threat; such as fear of getting deported or financial bondage by their employer. These victims are also exploited in many ways- sexually, physically, or financially- and they have had their freedom taken from them.

By knowing the different indicators of a slavery victim, you may be able to discreetly report to the proper authorities and may help save a life. Knowing which authorities you will report to is also crucial.

Most of the victims are women, but men and children are also primary targets. Women victims are more prone to sexual exploitations and violence. These victims are usually exploited to work as slaves in various industries, such as the domestic industry, cleaning services industry, factory or manufacturing, the agriculture sector, the construction trade, and sexual exploitation or prostitution market.

Listen to the Survivors

Victims of slavery and human trafficking have been through a lot, and their morale have been brought so low that the last thing they need is someone berating them for the choices that led them to their current condition. So, in order to properly contribute to any anti-trafficking campaign, learn to lend your ear to the victimsand really listen to their story. Know what they need and encourage them to be more optimistic about their new life and help them recover as they try to re-build their new future.