Make Love Not War: Erotic Fiction As A Gender Struggle

Is your conception of love a broad church? Does the erotic side of your love include some hard fucking? Erotic fiction is almost a tautology, eroticism has to be a fiction when you really think about it. Fucking is the gender struggle in a nutshell; and hopefully made sweet at some point. Think about some of the great writers who trod upon the bedsprings of our imaginations: Henry Miller, Erica Jong, Anais Nin, DH Lawrence, Vladimir Nabokov–  the diaries of erotic authors. Sex is salty and sweet, like a well-made stew. Erotic fiction has to have some shock value in it and needs to contrast textually between extremes. Like the first time someone slips their tongue inside your anus.

Make Love Not War: Erotic Fiction As A Gender Struggle

The most notable shock in good erotica is when the author moves his character’s awareness from the outer to the inner and manages to take the reader along for the ride. As human beings, we all have public outer lives and sensual feeling inner lives. Sex can make the journey from one to the other with sublime ease. Like that tongue or some other searching body part finding something beneath layers of identity like garments and, then, soft skin.

Moisture plays a big part in intimacy, like rivers of feeling beyond dry land. Wetness in all its slipperiness, shocks and, then, spellbinds. Inner surfaces traced by fingers and tongues. Tim Winton is another author who writes well about watery worlds. Swells mounting and submerged realms. Make love not war: Erotic fiction as a gender struggle. Love is a war; and men and women always ultimately struggle with each other. Pleasure vs gender financial exchange. The honeymoon is a brief time of sexual union, where evolutionary biological factors subsume ego driven personalities.

The fact that women have vaginas, has held back their gender struggle for equality for thousands of years. Sex is at the root of inequality, it is the primal cause of it. Sexual love is a battle, a wrestle in nature where the victor slip his dick into a cunt. A waiting orifice designed for procreation. Nature has set up the gender struggle, as part of the biological and evolutionary process. It is probably a good idea that we as a race are moving this part of life to the laboratory. With women becoming more like men every day, because they don’t want to play that role anymore. It’s like the children with cowboys and Indians, nobody wants to be the indian.