Healing Books & Words of Wisdom

If there is one thing that has changed the world for the better over millennia, it would have to be the book. These codices of knowledge have allowed ideas and inspirations to be shared by many. Books can be sent over vast distances to communicate important information. The book is, of course, merely a format for written language; and it is language that is truly the human miracle. Human beings are the only species on this planet with this amazing facility for complex language. Human infants learn to hear, process and produce their mother tongue within six to eighteen months of age; this is truly remarkable.

Healing Books & Words of Wisdom

Languages have an infinite potential to grow by producing new words and new word orders within sentences. Noam Chomsky, the celebrated linguist and philosopher, coined the term Universal Grammar; to draw attention to the basic shared structure beneath all the many human languages spoken and written on this planet. Complex ideas and instructions can then be written down in the language of choice on paper and bound into books. Today we have electronic books, smart phones, tablets and computers as new formats for language.

Some of the greatest books of all time have been healing books or books containing healing information, to be more precise. Books written by healthcare professionals and healers share their special knowledge with laymen and their peers. This knowledge can help alleviate pain and open up new avenues to getting treatment. Chiropractic medicine has been a fairly recent addition to the medical canon and continues to provide cures for spinal injuries for people all over the globe. This American invention has now spread to parts far and wide; and people are studying chiro in China and in Israel.

Chiropractic author Dr Zahedi, in his book Straight Forward, answers the question “why am I in pain?” Hooman Zahedi helps his readers come to terms with the underlying emotional basis for their physical pain. The body is an amazing instrument and has great capacities for self-healing, if it is put on the right path. Understanding why we become twisted with pain because of years of unidentified stress is the first step toward healing. Awareness, and in particular self-awareness, is a powerful kind of magic really. It begins the unlocking process, and together with some chiropractic treatments, someone who may have been in constant pain for many years can be cured of the pain and its underlying causes.

Healing books and words of wisdom can deliver us from evil; if evil is analogous with emotional damage and physical pain.  The book is a wonderful thing; which is why evil regimes tend to deny their citizens access to learning. The Taliban do not want girls and women to be able to read, as is the case with many hard-line Islamic states. For most of our recorded history women have been denied access to learning and equality, whatever the religious basis of the state or nation. Book burnings have been a feature of every fascist regime. Share knowledge and encourage reading wherever you go.