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Protecting Workers Rights: What You Should Know

Work is an essential part of our lives with it supporting our livelihood on a day to day basis. However due to a number of different factors, a huge number of individuals in the present are forced to get a job that does not fit their profession or skill. This in turn makes them prone to abuse in the workplace. Let us look at the rights of workers & the essential part that worker’s compensation plays in protecting the worker.

Protecting Workers Rights: What You Should Know

Australia has their reinforced laws with regards to their workers. On January 1, 2010, the National Employment Standards (NES) was implemented which takes place of the Australian Fair Pay and Conditions Standards. The work conditions, worker benefits as well as workers compensation is what this law regulates and what employers today must follow. This includes providing workers entitlements to leave and public holiday pay, flexible working arrangements, hours of work, termination and redundancy pay and many more. Workers feel a great amount of relief with this law at their side allowing them to perform at their best having little to no worries of their rights getting abused.

This however, is a completely different story when talking about migrant workers. Reports have shown the systemic exploitation of migrant workers in Australia particularly with first time, Korean students and workers. These individuals were lured to Australia with promises of sun and fun, good, well-paying jobs, a chance to study or a working holiday. In many cases, workers have no contract, and no idea for whom they are ultimately working. In others, workers have their passports seized so they cannot leave. The Australian government’s fair work ombudsman however has made the necessary actions of sanctioning at least 24 Korean businesses mainly in New South Wales.

There have also been some changes made with the rights of the workers to cater to the ever changing technology of the workplace. For instance, the French workers won legal right to avoid checking work email out-of-hours. French companies will be required to guarantee their employees a “right to disconnect” from technology. They believe that burnout, sleeplessness as well as relationship problems is a result of overusing of digital devices particularly with regards to their work email.

Those who don’t follow worker rights may get the punishment they deserve not only in the government but also with other popular brands. A sugar giant, Wilmar International was slammed over Indonesian workers’ rights abuses. Multinational brands including Colgate-Palmolive, Kellogg’s and Nestle committed to end exploitation in the industry, and a use a label to indicate to consumers that palm oil has been ethically produced.

In some cases, online users and customers themselves are the ones taking the action passing judgement to the company. A good example of this is with the a poor workers’ rights rating tearing apart Gorman clothing brand’s fans. Some fans the popular brand have been continuously posting about how let down they feel by the brand and vowing to shop elsewhere.

Worker’s right can be abused regardless of the company you are working with. For instance, an investigation found that a McDonald’s staff was underpaid at least $50m a year. If you feel like your rights as an employee is abused, don’t hesitate to get in touch with lawyers and discuss with them the issues that you are facing today.


Unfortunately, worker’s rights is a global concern

Activism Through Education: Giving Lasting Change

Disability is an issue that has plagued a huge number of individuals from different ages groups for years. Many were born with disabilities while others acquired them through unfortunate events and accidents. We can’t deny the negative stigma behind the disabled community which makes it more necessary to spread the much needed awareness and information around them. Education helps shed some light about a number of disabilities today and how we treat others who have them.

Activism Through Education: Giving Lasting Change

Children at a very early age are unfamiliar on the things that revolve around them. Disability is something that needs to be explained to them to help avoid prejudice. Kids are quick to judge about the things that are foreign to them and as such, they may at times give comments that can hurt a disabled persons’ feeling without knowing it. This is the reason why educating young people about things like disability goes a long way in providing real and lasting change.

There are a huge number of support groups that fight for the rights of the disabled community. With that being said, many resort to shock tactics & activism which they believe would help spread their word much faster. Unfortunately, these tactics only help worsen the stigma that revolves around them especially since their message is portrayed in a not so delightful manner.  As a result, movements such as these are often avoided by many as they oftentimes stir confusion. Shock tactics & activism in some cases even results to violent dispersals which is not a pleasing sight to see for children.

Education on the other hand has proven time and again that it is a powerful tool in helping change a person’s outlook and perspective. The same can also be said about the perception that revolves around the disabled community. There is no need to start a protest just to get your voices heard. Many have decided to take part in spreading the information about the disabled community over the internet. You will not be finding any shortage of online groups that supports such cause. Social media has also been a great place to find people who share the same interest and goals. Kids will get an early glimpse on how to provide greater opportunities for the disabled children by encouraging them to join fundraising and charity events which helps instill the feeling of discipline and respect which is a very important value kids need to develop.

Support has been abundant in such movement. Vocational Rehabilitation strives to help educate employers about the benefits for hiring workers with disabilities and four Polk County businesses have been honored for helping boost that segment of the workforce. In Dubai, the disabled are encouraged to speak up about their needs and teach workers in the services sector to interact with them, participants at a conference.

Portland, Maine is getting a $9 million federal grant to help high school-age students with disabilities get ready for college and work. The Disability Rights Center of the Virgin Islands Conduct Workshops on Employment for the Disabled. The workshops will demonstrate that people with disabilities with the appropriate support can engage in substantial and meaningful work. The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services also administers a variety of programs funded by state and federal appropriations to pay for the services provided by the nonprofit direct care providers.

Anti-Horse Racing Activism: Taking Down the Sport of Kings

Horse racing is a popular industry piquing the attention of a huge number of individuals all throughout the year. This is quite apparent with horse events jam packed with attendees who are looking forward to the race. As the sport grow in popularity so does the number of criticism it has been garnering particularly about anti-horse racing activists. Let us look at animal rights groups who are campaigning to have these types of racing banned as well as the association between wealthy & powerful people with horse racing

Horse racing has indeed grown expansively turning it into a mainstream activity. This is the reason why It attracts  biggest names in the industry especially during Cup events. For example, Many Las Vegas locals will be heading to this year’s Breeders’ Cup in the beautiful racetrack at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains.

It should be noted that racing industry cannot succeed without enough financial backings. Many states backed horse racing today. For instance, the provincial government in Ontario considers pumping more money into horse racing. The provincial government is considering another major injection of cash into Ontario’s horse racing industry, according to documents obtained by the National Post. This is due to the fact that tens of thousands of people are employed in the horse racing sector, with thousands more in spinoff jobs in the agriculture and breeding sector which help paved the way for wonderful career and business opportunities.

Horse racing attracts popular celebrities as well with others promoting their events to their fans and followers alike. With that being said, celebrities need to take extra care when promoting horse racing to not stir hate from fans. A good example of this is the model and actress Isabelle Cornish who has angered animal rights activists after signing on as an ambassador for the Australian Turf Club’s Autumn Carnival promoting horse racing. She drew flak from the online community after posting several pictures over her social media account.

Horse racing is not the only ones that have been garnering criticism from animal groups. Greyhound racing has also been growing in popularity in Australia which has led to animal rights activists to protest the activity as well. With that being said, animal rights groups have reacted with shock and anger to the New South Wales premier’s announcement that he will reverse the planned greyhound racing ban in the state.

This was made possible with the greyhound industry reportedly proposing a number of changes to overturn the ban including a cap on breeding, and reduced numbers of tracks and races. This in turn contributed in reversing the ban on these types of races.

Racing sports are enjoyed by many and with a growing number of fans all over the world. With its increasing popularity as well as the backings of several associations, one can tell that these types of races will be around for a very long time for people to enjoy.

Modern technology has also contributed greatly in making the sport more accessible in the present. People can now access horse racing at the comfort of their homes or offices with the help of the internet. Betting can also be done online which offers a great amount of convenience saving people a fair amount of time.

Volunteer to Anti-Slavery Campaigns & Help Fight for Equality

Anti-Slavery Campaigns

We are all born equal on this planet and we will all leave it in the same fashion, as dust. So there should never be any profound reason to disparage someone else. However, as disheartening as it is, we must face the harsh reality where many people are abused for the benefit of crime organisations.Still, we should never falter. Instead, this should serve as a more compelling reason to intensify our humanitarian efforts and fight for equality.

Get involved in anti-trafficking and anti-slavery campaigns and do your share to bring balance and equality to our world.You may think that your sole efforts will never amount to anything significant, so why bother?If we all think this way, our world will have nowhere to go. Who then will stand up to these crimes against humanity?

We must unite so that our every single effort will be multiplied millions of times and togetherwe can create a resonating voice that can help thwart any criminal activity from getting blown up into epic proportions.So go out, extend your help, and start by volunteering.

Seek Out Anti-Slavery or Anti-Trafficking Organisations

You can start by registering to organisations in your local area that aim to end slavery or human trafficking or through the internet, and voice out your desire to participate. There are many Australian organisations that aim to help end slavery. Some of these organisations who are in need of volunteers are Anti-Slavery Australia, End Slavery Now, and World Vision.

Offer Your Services For Free

There are many things you can do to contribute to your group’s efforts against slavery. You can start by offering your services for free. For example if you are a lawyer or a medical professional, you can offer your services to victims free of charge.

You can also volunteer to initiate a fund-raising activity for the victims, especially if you have prior experience in organising one. Other services that may be needed in this important endeavourmay include: English language training and other education services for the victims, engaging a community to actively participate, permanent or temporary housing for victims, social work services, and services from migration agents.

Bring Foods to the Victims

You can also bring foods or help cook foods for the victims. This can be a commitment that you will do regularly, or you may participate in one big feeding project for slavery victims.

Educate Yourself on Various Humanitarian Efforts

It is important that you must also be knowledgeable of the warning signs of possible slavery victims. Most of these victims are forced to remain tight-lipped about their bleak situations because of some forms of threat; such as fear of getting deported or financial bondage by their employer. These victims are also exploited in many ways- sexually, physically, or financially- and they have had their freedom taken from them.

By knowing the different indicators of a slavery victim, you may be able to discreetly report to the proper authorities and may help save a life. Knowing which authorities you will report to is also crucial.

Most of the victims are women, but men and children are also primary targets. Women victims are more prone to sexual exploitations and violence. These victims are usually exploited to work as slaves in various industries, such as the domestic industry, cleaning services industry, factory or manufacturing, the agriculture sector, the construction trade, and sexual exploitation or prostitution market.

Listen to the Survivors

Victims of slavery and human trafficking have been through a lot, and their morale have been brought so low that the last thing they need is someone berating them for the choices that led them to their current condition. So, in order to properly contribute to any anti-trafficking campaign, learn to lend your ear to the victimsand really listen to their story. Know what they need and encourage them to be more optimistic about their new life and help them recover as they try to re-build their new future.

Availing Legal Advice For Free

legal advice sydney solicitors

Is That Even Possible?

Today, now that we have the social media and the internet literally all around us, legal advice really are rampant most especially when you post your personal dramas on it. There are pretending to be experts and geniuses that will make you convinced that what they say and what they set as example are very accurate, which some are very not. Remember, every country, state, region or community has the unique and individual laws that will make everything so different from one another even if you are talking with just single issue. What is legal in one country may be unacceptable to some and here are the best tips for you to avail free yet very accurate legal advice.

1. The very initial yet most important factor is within you. No matter what kind of legal concern is, you must take into consideration first your personal location; this is because some experts may decline your concern if they see that they are not that accountable and related enough to provide you enough information and advice. Only true experts will be able to identify their capabilities. And if you fail to give your location information, you will just end up wasting time and effort.

2. Most especially when you are dealing with your legal advising online, never just divulge your personal information, most especially money related info such as bank accounts. Remember, you would like to have the service free. Even your name, unless that person is being recommended by your reliable friends and family members.

3. There are a lot of firms and forums that will offer you legal advice for free or even with just a reasonable price, such as with the Sydney solicitors when you are living in Australia. Good thing when your government is that active in providing every citizen of your country the most reliable legal advising services. The government actually may hire their very own solicitors in your own country so that the citizens will be provided with such services.

4. You may also have your concerns shared with attorneys through email, with just a couple of direct questions and many law practitioners will be pleasured by your time and trust for them .Some will just take it as a simple challenge and will really be happy with catering your concern without any payment. That will be the best time for them to practice what they have studied.

5. As much as possible, be anonymous for the very first time you share your concern. This will protect you from any judgmental and know it all people of the internet. This is the most important tip when you have sexually related issues; you really have to conceal your identity right until the matter is done and solved.

Now, these are just five things that will help you a lot for availing the free legal advice from the trusted people of the society. Get right advice from the right people.

How to Manage Your Anger?

Robert Kirby helps people with their problems that they encountered. especially families having difficulty dealing with each other. Most of the people easily get angry whether at small or big things. It depends of the person on how to manage their anger. It also depends on you if you are easily affected by your anger. Some of the people used their anger by drinking alcohol, because it relieves stress. Some of them also will go partying in the club just to release all their anger. Others will play computer games to release their anger. It only depends on the person how they will cope with anger.

People should learn how to manage their anger so that no one will get affected or your work will not be affected. Those people with high blood pressure will easily get angry; they have little patience. Never let your anger affect your work or relationships, because it’ll just ruin it. That is why many married couple will get divorced, because they get affected by their anger easily, they do not know how to manage it.

It is better to attend counseling, in order to manage your anger. There are many ways you can avoid anger. It only depends on you how to cope up your anger. Just remember that nothing will happen to you if you are always angry at things. It will only ruin your relationships with your family and friends. It is better to just stay happy,not being angry at all times. It is not bad that you get angry sometimes, but do not do it most of the time, because it is not healthy anymore.

Think of your loved ones before you get angry easily. Getting angry at small things is not very healthy for you and to your relationships. If you get angry, better cope up with it or find a solution right away. If you get angry at things, think what the outcome will be. So, better think wisely, before you get angry. It is alright to get angry sometimes, because you cannot avoid it, but, find a solution to it right away to avoid stress.

Always talk to your family and friends to keep you away from anger and to ask for advice from them as to what you will do with it. You can also seek help from psychologist; you take counseling for better advices. If you are always angry at things or people, it is not healthy anymore. It is like you are losing your loved ones if you get angry with them. Better find a solution right away to it. Remember to always think before you get angry at things.

Though there are many ways to cope with anger, you can attend Robert Kirby’s Seminars and the team will find right solution to your problems especially if your situation is getting worse, with Robert Kirby’s personal development seminar, the team will help you get back in track and heal your problem with you.

Police violence, racism and the media.

Hey everyone.

I was at yesterday’s Sydney rally, and want to congratulate everyone for holding such a successful anti-war action, despite the racist provocation and heavy-handedness of the police.

The police and the media have portrayed the demonstration as having been “hijacked” by “a group of Middle Eastern males”. What they didn’t report is that the police were very consciously targeting young people of Middle Eastern background and making arrests for ridiculous reasons such as swearing, which is what provoked the violence in the first place.

What was probably the most violent action – the chair-throwing at Town Hall, was provoked by a TRG (Tactical Response Group) officer tearing the hijab off a young Muslim woman’s head Another student, a girl of probably fourteen, was slapped in the face by a TRG officer.
Actions such as these make people angry. We were already angry – angry that children, women and men in Iraq were being killed by US bombs as we were protesting – and police racism and violence, needless arrests of very young students, only served to fuel this anger.

I just hope that the police and media’s goal – that of separating the Middle Eastern and Islamic students from the Australian students – was not successful. To say the protest was “hijacked” by young Arab men is a racist lie. The protesters were angry – and the young Middle Eastern students, who have to deal with police racism every day, and who are worried and outraged about what’s happening in Iraq, were very understandably hostile to the huge police presence.
I also hope that the police force’s goal of demoralising young people – by holding us between lines of TRG and mounted cops for three-fucking hours – didn’t work. They can not take away our right to protest this war – they say they’re fighting for “democracy” in Iraq – is this democracy?

We can’t allow them to use the media to divide us into racial groups – we were all there, standing together, for the same reason: to stop the war on Iraq. And we can’t let them use this to destroy the civil liberties of the people and take away our democratic right to protest – which is why we need to rally again next Wednesday.

We need to make sure the April 2nd rally is even bigger than the rally on the 26th – this will send the message loud and clear to the Howard government – and the NSW police and media – that we refuse to be intimidated into silence while innocent people are being murdered in Iraq in our name. The Police Commissioner has said that we can’t have a permit for April 2nd, but we have already put enough pressure on him today – by telling the media what really happened yesterday – that they have agreed to meet with Books Not Bombs tomorrow and negotiate.

We’re countering Dick Adams (Police Commissioner) demand that we guarantee that the protesters “behave” by demanding that he guarantee the police, and especially the TRG units, behave, and not act in such a confrontational, provocative manner.

We should demand an independent inquiry into police behaviour on Wednesday, and call on parents and teachers to come along to support the students and monitor the actions of the police.

Now more than ever, we need to stand together and protest this injustice – the injustice of war, and the injustice of having our civil rights snatched away from us like this.