Anti-Horse Racing Activism: Taking Down the Sport of Kings

Horse racing is a popular industry piquing the attention of a huge number of individuals all throughout the year. This is quite apparent with horse events jam packed with attendees who are looking forward to the race. As the sport grow in popularity so does the number of criticism it has been garnering particularly about anti-horse racing activists. Let us look at animal rights groups who are campaigning to have these types of racing banned as well as the association between wealthy & powerful people with horse racing

Horse racing has indeed grown expansively turning it into a mainstream activity. This is the reason why It attracts  biggest names in the industry especially during Cup events. For example, Many Las Vegas locals will be heading to this year’s Breeders’ Cup in the beautiful racetrack at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains.

It should be noted that racing industry cannot succeed without enough financial backings. Many states backed horse racing today. For instance, the provincial government in Ontario considers pumping more money into horse racing. The provincial government is considering another major injection of cash into Ontario’s horse racing industry, according to documents obtained by the National Post. This is due to the fact that tens of thousands of people are employed in the horse racing sector, with thousands more in spinoff jobs in the agriculture and breeding sector which help paved the way for wonderful career and business opportunities.

Horse racing attracts popular celebrities as well with others promoting their events to their fans and followers alike. With that being said, celebrities need to take extra care when promoting horse racing to not stir hate from fans. A good example of this is the model and actress Isabelle Cornish who has angered animal rights activists after signing on as an ambassador for the Australian Turf Club’s Autumn Carnival promoting horse racing. She drew flak from the online community after posting several pictures over her social media account.

Horse racing is not the only ones that have been garnering criticism from animal groups. Greyhound racing has also been growing in popularity in Australia which has led to animal rights activists to protest the activity as well. With that being said, animal rights groups have reacted with shock and anger to the New South Wales premier’s announcement that he will reverse the planned greyhound racing ban in the state.

This was made possible with the greyhound industry reportedly proposing a number of changes to overturn the ban including a cap on breeding, and reduced numbers of tracks and races. This in turn contributed in reversing the ban on these types of races.

Racing sports are enjoyed by many and with a growing number of fans all over the world. With its increasing popularity as well as the backings of several associations, one can tell that these types of races will be around for a very long time for people to enjoy.

Modern technology has also contributed greatly in making the sport more accessible in the present. People can now access horse racing at the comfort of their homes or offices with the help of the internet. Betting can also be done online which offers a great amount of convenience saving people a fair amount of time.