Activism Through Education: Giving Lasting Change

Disability is an issue that has plagued a huge number of individuals from different ages groups for years. Many were born with disabilities while others acquired them through unfortunate events and accidents. We can’t deny the negative stigma behind the disabled community which makes it more necessary to spread the much needed awareness and information around them. Education helps shed some light about a number of disabilities today and how we treat others who have them.

Activism Through Education: Giving Lasting Change

Children at a very early age are unfamiliar on the things that revolve around them. Disability is something that needs to be explained to them to help avoid prejudice. Kids are quick to judge about the things that are foreign to them and as such, they may at times give comments that can hurt a disabled persons’ feeling without knowing it. This is the reason why educating young people about things like disability goes a long way in providing real and lasting change.

There are a huge number of support groups that fight for the rights of the disabled community. With that being said, many resort to shock tactics & activism which they believe would help spread their word much faster. Unfortunately, these tactics only help worsen the stigma that revolves around them especially since their message is portrayed in a not so delightful manner.  As a result, movements such as these are often avoided by many as they oftentimes stir confusion. Shock tactics & activism in some cases even results to violent dispersals which is not a pleasing sight to see for children.

Education on the other hand has proven time and again that it is a powerful tool in helping change a person’s outlook and perspective. The same can also be said about the perception that revolves around the disabled community. There is no need to start a protest just to get your voices heard. Many have decided to take part in spreading the information about the disabled community over the internet. You will not be finding any shortage of online groups that supports such cause. Social media has also been a great place to find people who share the same interest and goals. Kids will get an early glimpse on how to provide greater opportunities for the disabled children by encouraging them to join fundraising and charity events which helps instill the feeling of discipline and respect which is a very important value kids need to develop.

Support has been abundant in such movement. Vocational Rehabilitation strives to help educate employers about the benefits for hiring workers with disabilities and four Polk County businesses have been honored for helping boost that segment of the workforce. In Dubai, the disabled are encouraged to speak up about their needs and teach workers in the services sector to interact with them, participants at a conference.

Portland, Maine is getting a $9 million federal grant to help high school-age students with disabilities get ready for college and work. The Disability Rights Center of the Virgin Islands Conduct Workshops on Employment for the Disabled. The workshops will demonstrate that people with disabilities with the appropriate support can engage in substantial and meaningful work. The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services also administers a variety of programs funded by state and federal appropriations to pay for the services provided by the nonprofit direct care providers.